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Pole Dance Lessons PlymouthMonday 3rd June 2024 - I started my pole journey almost 13 years ago under the guidance of Sam Remmer at the Art of Dance! Whilst I don't live in the area anymore, I remember the studio fondly, it gave me lots of body confidence, strength, positivity and I wouldn't be a pole instructor today without them! Megan Green.

Saturday 1st Jube 2024 - Very patient and understanding teachers and the classes are amazing fun. I thoroughly recommend signing up!  Amanda Coe.

Tuesday 28th May 2024 - Hi I joined the Art of Dance almost 2 years ago after many changes in my personal life, I had always been involved with fitness but never tried pole. From the moment I started my first class I knew I had made a good decision as I was made to feel welcome and given lots of help. I could never imagined the journey I was about to begin, I found myself learning moves and spins that I never thought possible. In short I have since entered a competition performed a routine and most importantly made the most amazing friendships that go way beyond the studio. I am an older male and that has made absolutely no difference we are all equal and I have never done a sport with so much support for everyone involved. Most definitely recommend trying it you really have nothing to lose but like myself possibly an awful lot to gain. Paul M. X

Saturday 25th July 2020 - Various testimonials from art of dance students about how pole has helped improved their lives - Plymouth Gazette - The Healing Power of Pole. Quotes below are a response to the gazette article.

I was suffering from an ED and severely depressed when I first picked up pole and it did wonders for me because of how supportive everyone was - I really miss going to your studio for classes! Francesca H.


You guys are fab absolutely loved it wish I didn't stop. Connor P.

YES YES YES!!! 100% love and agree with this!!!! Helen M.

Friday 1st February 2019 - I was really nervous starting pole in Plymouth but the lovely instructors from the Art of Dance made me feel completely at ease. They’re all so encouraging and always challenging me to be better and believe in me.

The pole community are all so supportive of each other and we always have a good laugh during classes whilst doing a strong work out at the same time! Pole has cheered me up on rainy days and I forget all about any troubles when in class with everyone. It is definitely a sport that challenges you physical and mentally. I recommend everyone give it a go, you’ll not regret it! Ching W.

Friday 1st February 2019 - After my entire life fell apart the very first step to rebuilding things was finding a pole studio again. The art of dance literally saved me. After the success of finding such an incredible studio I gained the momentum to keep rebuilding my life! The classes were and still are so welcoming. So many different approaches to pole are under one roof and I feel incredibly privileged to have access to such an amazing, knowledgeable, and strong community of people. Charlotte S.


Friday 1st February 2019 - I like the pain not really! The training is just really fun and its a good workout, and everyone is very accepting of each other. Andy T.

Friday 1st February 2019 - Since joining pole I have LOVED the social factor and it's a great hobbie that i just CANNOT give up ! love the art of dance!!! Natasha C.

Friday 1st February 2019 - Pole is the one sport that has actually stuck. There's something about creating beautiful shapes with your own body that is so satisfying! ..The underrated amount of strength that it takes to do them is a bit of a shock to start with! but the instructors and the community at art of dance supports you all the way! what i love the most is that you never feel judged or looked down on if you can't do some moves, because everyone appreciates how hard it is no matter the level! I can honestly say pole is one of the best things in my life, and the art of dance have taught me everything i know about pole!! Ieva A

Friday 1st February 2019 - I’ve loved pole since I started it, I was always very conscious about myself and my body.. since moving to Plymouth I knew very few people and the first thing I did was join the Art of Dance, I will never regret it, the most friendly and welcoming bunch of people ever! My pole journey continues to flourish and make me stronger (mentally and physically) every training session. Phillipa J.

Friday 1st February 2019 - Started pole at the art of dance ten years ago, never looked back, love the instructors, people attending class, and the constant progression you make, it's fun, creative and good for your physical and mental health! Linda B.

Friday 1st February 2019 - Love the studio always a pleasure to travel from kent to this wonderful studio the owner Sam Remmer is love as are the instructor's Lucy Provenzano alway give me good progression and make me welcome Rob J. xxx

Friday 1st February 2019 - I started pole during my second year at university with the University of Plymouth Pole Dancing Club (UPPDC), I honestly had no idea what to expect turning up to my induction lesson at the art of dance, but I can honestly say that I have never looked back since! Joining pole during university and being the only man in the club was admittedly somewhat daunting at first, but I have never been made to feel more welcome and encouraged to do well than in the pole community!

The incredible instructor team at the art of dance saw that everyone was taught at a pace that suited the individual students, and always aimed to push to get just that little bit more, in order to progress us further (to the point where I'm now much stronger physically than when I first started), with their confidence in us giving us confidence in ourselves.

I would never have imagined myself ever taking up pole dance as a sport, let alone enjoying it as much as I do, and carrying it on after university! UPPDC brought me to pole, but the art of dance introduced me to it, I was introduced to a sport that I never foresaw myself starting, but which I've loved ever since!

To everyone at the art of dance, I genuinely can't thank you enough! You are all truly amazing!! Jamie H.

Friday 1st February 2019 -I’ve never been able to stick at any form of exercise because I get bored but I’ve been going to the art of dance for a year now and love it! I have fun, get strong, learn new moves and can’t wait to go again. The instructors are talented and welcoming. It’s fantastic. Lucy S.

Friday 1st February 2019 - The Art of Dance is amazing. Instructors and students alike are friendly, supportive and encouraging. Classes are always great fun and uplifting. Absolutely wonderful. Tina O.

Friday 1st February 2019 - I have loved pole for a really long time and moving to Plymouth was difficult as I was in a completely new city miles away from my family, friends and most importantly my pole girls. Starting at the Art of Dance gave me an instant community and quickly became a home from home for me. It allowed me to feel at home in this new place, but not only that, gave me back my confidence. The instructors are all amazing, they constantly push me and know my own limits better than I do. I cannot thank them enough and the community Sam has built is incredible, I know I have made friends for life and love pole more than ever! Heidi A.

Monday 24th September 2018 - It was a pleasure to be taught by you guys and I hope I can find a place just as welcoming as yours in my new area so I can carry this on in the future.
Thank you very much. Agata K

Wednesday 29th August 2018 - You guys are amazing! I have never committed to and enjoyed any other kind of fitness before and pole literally does wonders for your self esteem and making peace with and appreciating the body you have. It’s such a friendly, welcoming and non judgemental place and I’m so pleased I took it up. Never stop what you’re doing! xxx Lucy A

August 15th 2018 - Facebook comments from art of dance students after they were asked how they felt about the art of dance and it's instructors:

Thanks Rosanna for always being so encouraging and bringing positive energies to the class  Chun-Wei H.

They are all so encouraging and always make me feel comfortable and have fun! An amazing group of instructors, I wouldn't go anywhere else for pole Abbie O'Brien

I think it was my second ever pole lesson in either 2015 or 2016 and at the end Shin told me not to give up and I didn't! I'm still not as good as I want to be but I'm a lot better than I was :') and also how all the instructors have a laugh with us every lesson and are so lovely! And also sometimes they bring their doggies so it's a win win! I miss pole D: only a few more weeks and I'll be back! Hayley H

So amazing and sypportive!  always encouraging and such a lovely enviroment at the studio ! Really helped me build my confidence! And would never of progressed this much without all of your help. Esme

Yes! Rosanna, Lucy, Linda, (and Shin - and you, Sam!) are so supportive and always cheerful! You have bags of energy and teach us to never give up Natalie S

I absolutely love coming to pole everyone is so friendly and doesnt judge and the instructors know our abilities and reflect that in classes. Love my classes so much xx Genna R

 Though I'm not in Plymouth anymore, the instructors (all of you!) helped introduce me to a sport that I never thought I'd ever do, let alone enjoy! You all made me feel welcome in a completely new environment, never stopped challenging and inspiring me to do better, push myself further, and achieve that little bit extra, whilst supporting and encouraging me every step of the way.
Being good at something and being able to teach it are two very different skill sets... Yet you all manage to be superb at both and make it look easy in the process! I can honestly say that I'm always happy when in a pole class, and that was always the case when I was in Plymouth, and a lot of that has to be attributed to the instructors!! Whenever I'm asked about how I got into pole I'll always boast that from the off, I had (and still have) amazing instructors who I truly consider it a privilege to have been taught by and consider as friends. You're all amazing Sam, Lucy Shin, Rosanna, Gaynor and the others!! Xx Jamie H.

 The only thing I can say about the Art of Dance is that it changed my life. Huge respect to Sam Remmer who put me at ease straight away , Rosanna J C Durban-Haines who is so patient with me. Linda Jerrett for always believing I can do it even when I don’t and a shout out to those past instructors who helped spark my love of Pole. Emma T.
Such a great team. You all make pole so much fun and I get so much out of it. It's why I've been coming so long. Xx Ziggy B

The art of dance teachers and students are all awesome! I love how we encourage each other and get so pleased when someone nails a move. I have made some friends for life through the classes. I definitely have a soft spot for Rosanna J C Durban-Haines but think all the teachers are great  xxx Nikki M.

Lucy Provenzano is Evil, mean, wicked and loves to torture us....  she is an awesome teacher xx Fitz L

Lucy and Rosanna at e so encouraging and make you feel so welcome. You can have a great laugh in class whilst learning new things each time. They always push you to achieve your best, usually by getting you too do it one more time which is the time you get it. There is a family/supportive atmosphere. My confidence has sky rocketed not only in pole but in myself thanks to you lovely ladies. It was so Lovely to be able to go to pole world festival with you girls too x Frankie R.

I love how Rosanna J C Durban-Haines is so encouraging even when the poles are mega slippery in the heat and how she gets really excited when someone gets something right. Also really appreciative of Sam Remmer and the amazing esteem building experiences during stripper class. It’s impossible to be mad at your body when we celebrate every little achievements and are part of such an encouraging and loving community  Pearlin Teow

All instructor's are brilliant, encouraging, positive. They make me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Best of all is that all sessions are fun, upbeat and truly enjoyable. All have helped me build my confidance. I started pole 9 weeks ago and enjoy it so much. Thank you and your wonderful team for all your amazing support and patients. I wouldn't go anywhere else to do pole. Xxx Monwa L

I love Rosanna J C Durban-Haines. Always makes me smile and laugh and very supportive if I can’t get something right away. Always ready with a tip to make it better or easier Lucy S

Bloody fabulous! Supportive, encouraging, enthusiastic. Love you all xx Tina O.

From my first lesson, I was inspired and encouraged and continue to be so, thank you so much to all of the wonderful instructors Sam Remmer, Rosanna J C Durban-Haines, Sue Manser, Lucy Provenzano, Shin Tan, Gaynor Dawn , all the lovely past Instructors and awesome Esme and Carleen xx Linda J

All of the instructors at Art of Dance are wonderful and made my transition to Plymouth so much easier! I came from a brilliant pole family back home and was so worried I wouldn't find the same support, knowledge and fun, until I got to Art of Dance and thankfully I did! ALl the instructors constantly push me and don't take no for an answer (which is great because I can be super moody and stubborn when it comes to pole moves!) I can't wait to spend another two years (at least) with you all and am so glad that I have such an incredible group of instructors to train under and I know my pole will improve massively under their expert guidance. (Lucy, Sam, Rosanna) x Heidi A.

I miss everybody so much ..can't be replaced xxx Clare L.

Always ask how I am and take an interest in my life outside of pole. When actually on the pole there is always a good laugh and keen to support me when I’m trying a new move. Dante U.

I have been coming to The Art of Dance for 10 years now, yes ten years, that's testament in itself as I have never stuck with any fitness thing for anywhere near that, all the instructors are amazing, friendly and supportive and each have their own style which I love, you are all amazing! Linda B

Lucy always pushes me to achieve so much more than I think I can and always fills me with a massive sense of self belief. The fact that she is totally obsessed with pole and is always looking for something new to try is incredible. I love the fact that as well as being able to teach tricks and strength moves Lucy can also breakdown flow into manageable chunks!
Rosanna is such a patient teacher. I love how she can break down moves into tiny little steps and is always more than happy to roll around on the floor to show you exactly what goes where on the pole! Her combinations of moves are always amazing and make me want to train harder!

Gaynor is such a fun instructor! I love the fact that you know it hurts and that five second holds are horrendous but you still make us try because it's good for us! Your moves and combos are always beautiful and I'm sorry I get too engrossed in watching you as a performer that I forget to figure out what I'm meant to be doing.
Sam is so kind and such an inspiration! I love how you can pitch a move just at the right level for a student so it's tricky but 100% achievable!!

Sexy pole with Sam is not only a massive confidence boost but also a pretty hardcore workout at times and the photos are always epic!

Thank you all for being so incredible and often being my lights in the dark. I started at the art of dance at a time when my entire life had actually fallen apart and being welcomed into class and something actually working out was unbelievably uplifting. I'm not sure I will ever be able to explain how much you have all done for me. Charlotte S.

Thank you to each and everyone of you...... you have all made me feel so welcome, you are all patient, explaining moves..... once, twice or even three or more times with me, taking the time to support and encourage me, thank you. I absolutely love our Thursday sessions too Sam, you have helped so much with rebuilding my confidence after a horrendous couple of years - thank you lovelies...... looking forward to more pole kisses tonight lol..... Suzie J

So encouraging, fun and supportive! Coming to the studio has been the highlight of my week every week for the last few months. I've built so much confidence during my time coming to pole and can't thank them all enough! I wouldn't be were i am in pole today if it wasnt for all the wonderful instructors that i've been blessed to work with Hollie Cullen

Thank you all so much for your amazing support and helping me build my confidence and also pushing me to my limit at things I didn't think I could do. Also very welcoming and friendly environment to be a part of thank you all so much xxx Kayleigh M.

I have had some stress and anxiety recently. I've nearly not come to pole a couple of times as I've been a bit wobbly. When I have made it though I've had a friendly ear to unload onto and then blasting out on the pole has really helped. Every instructor really cares about the progress and wellbeing of all of us and it's lush. Thanks all of you xxx Saaz B

I was on holiday when this was posted so have only just caught up.. didn't want to miss an opportunity to say how amazing Rosanna, Sam, Lucy, Shin and Linda are. Joining pole at the art of dance has completely changed my life, you guys have made me feel totally supported and helped me become so strong and confident both physically and mentally. Thank you all you absolute babes! Xxxxxx Keeley S.

Amazing ladies all of you at the A of D! I'm missing pole due to being pregnant (again!) But hope to be back when I can. Special shout out to Rosanna J C Durban-Haines whose lessons are particularly fab xxx Katy G.

July 2nd 2018 - Hi Sam... Hope all good with you ...I look with a pang of envy at all the art of dance pics and comments ...I tried two pole places had three to a pole and expensive ...the other was just to awful for words ... luckily I have finally found a little place before I gave up back to enjoying it again. . I only really appreciated how fab art of dance is after moving..I love how well I have been taught and am quite proud in fact ..I miss you Rosanna and Lucy a lot Clare L.

June 25th 2108 - Thank you so much for teaching me pole whilst I've been at uni. I've loved leanring new things each week and you have inspired me to keep going and push myself out of my comfort zone. You have all been so welcoming and I feel like I've made some great friends over the years, I will miss you all. Gemma O.

Tuesday 13th February 2018 - I just wanted to let you know I had a fantastic lesson with Shin. She was so patient with me but at the same time pushed me really hard. She has a lovely, clear gentle teaching style and a complete lack of ego despite being utterly breathtaking! Shin also introduced me to lots of new moves and variations that were tricky but doable with practise. Lots to work on, happy happy! I can’t make it next Sunday as my friend from Manchester is down but I will be making Sunday pole a regular  event from here on in. Emma T.

Monday 24th January 2018 - Pole cheers me up when Im sad, makes me happier when I am happy and gives me such a sense of achievement.  I started after losing weight and had zero confidence, pole and the girls there gave me so much confidence and self esteem.  Now, whatever my fluctuating weight decides to do, I still have that confidence to run around in my pole gear giggling! Caroline S.

Monday 24th January 2018 - I joined my first pole dancing class at the art of dance during my first year of uni. I met the UPPDC society at the university society fair and thought i'd be brave and start something new. I am a very nervous and anxious person so this was a big step for me! I absolutely loved it! I met one of my best friends at pole and we have been coming to pole on and off (at first) for 4-5 years. We have now been regular goers for about 2 years and I am amazed how much stronger, fitter and more flexible i have felt. Also I am so amazed at the confidence I've gained from it! Pole is such a big part of my life now and I love the progress I'm making (my nan always tells me how much she loves seeing my pole progress pictures!) The pole instructors are all amazing and so friendly and have a talent for making us all feel so welcome and comfortable. Abbie O'B.

January 20th 2018 - Just got back from my first time with yourselves and had a fantastic night. First of all thank you.

Can’t wait to go again. Lol.  Took 6 months with my husband pushing me because of my nerves. Lol. See you all soon. Zoe A.

Thursday 4th January 2017 - Just wanted to say how lovely everyone is at pole. I have always been a tad nervous at exercise classes as know my weight has crept up but every one is so supportive finally something i really enjoy :)  Genna R x

Monday 19th October 2015 - It's been a little over a year now since i started pole dancing, so i wanted to put together this little montage of what i have achieved so far. I feel i could be better if i didn't suffer with a chronic illness as it stops me from being able to learn more sometimes, but i will continue to fight through it and can't wait to learn more moves for the future and see what ive achieved again by the end of next year :) Pole dancing has helped me through some difficult times & i would like to thank my beautiful teachers Lucy Provenzano Rosanna J C Durban-Haines & Sam Remmer for teaching me so much and being so supportive & all the girls who i train with for being so lovely see u all again soon xx. Paula D.

Monday 6th July 2015 - Hi Sam Just a quick email to say we thoroughly enjoyed our private pole dancing lesson with Rosanna on Saturday. Rosanna was an excellent teacher and made it a really fun 2 hours for us. We'd definitely like to do it again. Wendy M.

Saturday 17th May 2014 - "Hi,  I attended the burlesque class today and I have to say thank you. it was fantastic. I've had a look on the website and would like to book again, please can you let me know when the next classes are. Nikki.


Monday 18th March 2013 - "I joined the Art of Dance about 3 years a go after looking for a different form of exercise. I have always been a keen exerciser and have worked in the fitness industry for over 15yrs so finding something fun and challenging was important to me. I am an assessor specialising in fitness qualifications so it was important for me to find a new sport that gave me a good workout but was safe and fun - and I get all of this from Pole Fitness.  All the instructors at the Art of Dance are very professional and friendly, they never make you  feel inadequate and we always have fun in classes. My usual instructor knows I like to be pushed and I always walk away tired but smiling and looking forward to next week. I am stronger and more flexible than I ever have been thanks to Pole Fitness."

Sarah Menheneott

Friday 14th March 2013 - Pole dancing has radically changed my life. I've always been painfully shy and pole dancing has given me the confidence and self esteem to not only push myself beyond my comfort zone in my health and fitness, but also challenge myself and be more assertive in my workplace. I have achieved more  in work since starting pole dancing lessons than before. I am healthier (my asthma has gone from being on a nebuliser regularly and constantly taking inhalers, to taking an inhaler only twice a day). I'm stronger, my body more toned in my 40s than it was in my 20s (even with having 4 children in between). I have met and befriended some of the most genuine and friendly people through pole dancing and I recommend pole dancing at the Art of Dance to everyone, as the  health benefits and  camaraderie are second to none.  Lin x

Wednesday 13th March 2013 - The Art of Dance is brilliant; pole dancing has given me a chance to explore the world of gymnastics which I would never have had the chance to begin as an adult otherwise. Think of pole like vertical bars. You need to build strength, flexibility and balance. My best friends I've made through the university pole dancing club which collaborates with the Art of Dance, where the teaching is excellent and so friendly. Not only a great workout it's also confidence building, and it's so much more fun than the gym.

Carlotta Barker, 22 years old

Wednesday 13th March - I think pole fitness is very beneficial for physical and mental health!  It's a great work out for raising heart rate and toning your body.  I've become much stronger through pole fitness (which now means I can help my dad move furniture around the house!) and I've made some friends in the process.

Good luck with the fight! Holly P Xxx

Wednesday 13th March 2013 -  I don't feel I'm qualified to give a testimonial, However now that I've done pole for 6 months I feel I'm picking it up and I enjoy every lesson. Is it fitness,  Totally.  Yes.  Mentally and physically Yup.Not like any other fitness class.  
I recently completed the Insanity 60 day challenge. Over the past 20+ years I've done boxercise, body pump, step, Zumba, yoga and Pilates.  I wanted something different to push my physical/mental boundaries and I get that and more from pole at your studio.
So glad I put aside my worries about my age looks body type etc...and went for it.  Roseanna is a brilliant instructor, very welcoming and covers all levels of fitness abilities. Just did a Sat AM with Cheryl and WOW!!!  She pushed us all and I did a head stand for the 1st time.  So proud of myself.  
That's what I love most is that every class that I complete I am proud of myself.  If that doesn't qualify as physically and mentally beneficial those qualities need to be redefined.


Wednesday 13th March 2013 - It (Pole Dancing) gets people into fitness and I can honestly say its kept me sane over the last 3 years!!  When I started I went to the odd aerobics class but never stuck to it as there wasn't enough dance/ art involved, I never did any running or any other sport. From the first pole lesson though I was completely hooked - I found it much more artistic but also a far better and more entertaining way to stay fit. Since doing pole I started runnning to keep up my fitness as I find the two complement each other. I'm now booked to do the Plymouth half marathon which I'm sure I would have never done had it not been for pole. Since my first lesson 3 years ago I hardly ever missed a weeks lesson and found my weekly pole fix to be a great way to let off steam and to have a laugh, there is also the great sense of achievement you get through suddenly being able to perfect a move or to do something that you never thought you could.
Anyway, take what you like from that as a testimonial but I think its a shame that people might miss such an opportunity to take part in such a great sport as they can't see past the stigma that it attached. I'm glad I'm not one of them :-)
Kate P

Wednesday 13th March 2013 - hi i dont feel classes are waste of time i think they gain you confidence make you fitter and its great to meet new people . keep up the good work.

Donna Sampson keen learner x

Wednesday 13th March 2013 - As an older lady (43) I find pole dancing to be an amazing way to keep fit and toned. I struggle with aerobics now because I suffer with a bad back and the high impact irritates it.I find that regular pole lessons have not only given me body confidence but strengthened my back and improved my posture. I would recommend it to any age and any size lady. Such a fun way to exercise.

Jane C

Monday 11th March 2013 - Thank you Sam. Me and my friend had so much fun, we'll be back for more! Georgina was fantastic! Cant wait to come back.



Thursday 21st June 2012 - Thanks for a great year and I have made some great friends through art of dance. xxxxxxx


Kathryn Waldron.


Tuesday 8th May 2012 -Thank you so much to the Art of Dance for getting me started, I'm addicted now!


Stef Lawrence.


Sunday 29th May 2012 - Just a quick email to say the dance class was absolutely fab.  We had a great time and it seriously couldn’t have been any better.  Sue/Georgina was lovely and everyone only had great things to say about the session – we even did our routine in the pub later which went down a storm!  The plan is now to practice and then surprise the groom with the routine after the wedding in the evening. Lol


Friday 22nd April 2011 - Hi Sam, just to say thankyou for the lessons the other day, we were the group of 6 on wednesday and we all had a great time! I had such a good time in fact I would really like to start making it my weekly exercise......Thanks again!

Abi Tugwell.


Wednesday 12th May 2010 - I would like to say how friendly I have found The Art Of Dance - to be honest I wondered when I first attended whether it would be for me but it was great - friendly and helpful staff - I particularly enjoyed the Saturday sequencing session that I did. I think people would be surprised that it doesn't seem to matter what size or shape you are you can still get something out of pole fitness and look graceful too.

Elaine Gosling.

Monday 3rd May 2010 -Just a note to say that we all had a fab time , when we cam up to exeter last wednesday for vickys 40th. The class was run really well, great fun.

Thanks, Linda

Thursday 29th April 2010 - After booking the private Burlesque classes as the start of a girly night out, it surprisingly helped each of us discover something about ourselves and feel good in a very positive way.  The clear message throughout my experience with Art of Dance is that no matter what age, shape or ability, everyone can feel good about themselves and have a go.  The Burlesque course was well structured and gave me enough confidence to have a go at performing which I never imagined I would do when I discovered my interest.  The staff are extremely friendly, professional and helpful, I would say inspiring.  I recommend Art of Dance to everyone I meet, I read the words 'female empowerment' and which sums up my experience.  I learnt  from Sue that it isn't the detail about ourselves (that we all tend to get hung up about) that matters, it is focusing on what we like about ourselves and that as a females, we already have a desirable package, the classes helped me learn how to work it!

Wendy Smith xx

Wednesday 28th April 2010 - Just a quick note to say a big thank you for the hen party pole dancing class last Saturday. We all really enjoyed it! All ached the next day and on the Monday but no one bruised! I think a couple of the girls may even be back for regular lessons! Thanks again for a great afternoon, we all have a new respect for pole dancers now!

Karen, Ilze, Dace, Linda and Santa xxx

Wednesday 14th April 2010 - A huge thank you Sam for finally giving me the opportunity to participate in a healthy, non competitive and stimulating sport! I was really nervous to start classes a first as I thought your studio would be full of nubile, young teenagers but came along as the bingowings were starting to make an appearance! How wrong I was! You have truly pioneered an inclusive and supportive atmosphere which is firmly grounded in positive body image and fitness awareness.

After a year of lessons I feel toned, healthier and more flexible yet still I have an awful lot to learn! My lesson is often the highlight of a busy week and it's all just so addictive! Thank you too for the social activities and charity events you organise, as a military wife with two young children it isn't often that I get the chance to met new, like minded people and have a giggle! I wouldn't, and don't, hesitate to recommend your school to anybody regardles of age, size or background. Keep Inspiring - Justine xx

Thursday 8th April 2010 - Just to say I really enjoy the Pole Dance Class. I think its a great way to lose weight and build up your confidence, I wish I had done it sooner...

Karen Prout.

Tuesday 18th August 2009 - I  have had a few ladies on my first aid courses that also come to you for weekly lessons the last one was Sam Henderson from Mumfords. Sam could not say enough good things about you and your staff.

Rupert Goolden.

Wednesday 5th August 2009 - I just wanted to say a BIG thank-you for making Liz's hen do a right giggle! A few of us are even considering investing in poles - although we will of course come to you for advice. The lesson was so much fun and pitched to exactly the right level. We even put in a few of our new found moves in the clubs later on that night (bruises to prove it!).

Hope you are well, Thanks again

Liz and Becca

Wednesday 10th June 2009 - Quick note to say a huge thanks - we had an amazing time with the girls on Saturday morning, the 2 girls were brilliant - but in very different ways!! hope their demo last weekend went well? The morning completely opened our eyes to this and I am certainly keen to come back again soon for more lessons!!  my legs were fine afterwards and no bruising but I have to say - my arms killed me - and only just stopped hurting today!!

So a huge thanks to the girls - whose name I have forgotten because I am rubbish with names but they were lovely - fun and really accommodating  - all of our group had a really memorable time and a lot of laughs!! Thanks again - keep up the great work - I will recommend you to everyone and anyone (and find any excuse to come back again!!)

Brenda Shields

Thursday 2nd April 2009 - I wanted to say how much I've been enjoying the lessons. I've always been quite bad at getting up to exercise but I really enjoy the pole dancing and it's actually made me motivated to start doing other exercise as well. I'm looking forward to when you start putting on other classes. I'm still waiting for my other half to get my pole put up but he has promised to get it done this weekend so hopefully I'll  be able to use it soon, as I'm itching to get practising! I also wanted to say about the instructors that have taught me so far - yourself, Rosanna, Jo, and Nixi. Everyone has made myself and jenny feel really welcome - I was really scared to start with but everyone has  been really nice and welcoming. Also everyone has been really helpful, encouraging and friendly and that being a big part of me wanting to attend each week. I can't believe how easy you all make it  look though!

Kristina x x x (pictured below)

2nd February 2009 - Flexibility Class - I really enjoyed the Flexibility lesson.  This is the best stretching class I have been too since going to Pineapples 20 years ago ish, which maybe because it was biased to dancing.  Pilates and Yoga aren't quite the same.  Oddly enough, or maybe not, a problem which I have had for years going to physios, Chiropracters and Osteopaths went after the lesson.  I was told I had 2 ribs which were stuck together and now and then would cause me a muscle spasm.  Well during Nikki's class in one of her stretches, I experienced a quick shot of pain in that area which went as soon as it came.  The nearest thing I could associate this to was a tangled elastic band, and when it stretched it became untangled thern going back to normal.  So thank you Nixi. When you arrange the next class, I will be interested.  I have a couple of holidays planned, so hope that the next will miss those dates.

well done love Frankie

7th October 2008 - Hi Sam, Just wanted to say a big thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon on Saturday (4 Oct).  The hen (Rosy) was so pleased with her day and the pole dancing was the talk of the evening. I think we are all still aching, I know I am - my arms are the worst, but definitely worth it. We all really enjoyed ourselves and would recommend your classes to anyone who is planning a hen do or wanting to have lessons. Both yourself and Jo were brilliant and really impressed us with your moves together with your sense of humour and professionalism. I attach a couple of photos that you might want to use on your website for the hen package. Thank you again and you might see me again at a class!

Sarah Felfal

23rd September 2008 -I started classes with the Art of Dance at the very first Liskeard class, with Val, (and you were there also, on our first class) back in March 2007.  God only knows why, but after that first week, covered in bruises and aching worse than when I had a head on collision in a car, I returned the next week.  My husband at that point did actually think I’d lost the plot (Again!) Apart from the odd week here and there when away on annual hols, and a short break of about 4 weeks due to an over ambitious move (totally my fault!) and slightly pulling my shoulder, I have remained a regular pole exerciser (is there such a phrase??), with the Art of Dance ever since.  I have also come along to one of the flexibility classes, the open day, and Val's Halloween party with student showcase.

When I first started Pole dancing, I was not long on the start of a journey rebuilding my self and my confidence after a horrific year which saw me all but completely fall apart.  I always used to be so incredibly confident, and at the height of my illness, for a few weeks, I could not even leave my house.  Although there were many aspects to me regaining my physical, and MENTAL health, including taking a long hard look at myself, my lifestyle, my diet and my emotions, I truly believe that the single greatest factor that has helped me to ‘find’ my confidence again, has been pole dancing.  I truly LOVE everything about it, and it is a true testament to yourself just how high my confidence levels are now!  Also, a HUGE special shout has to go to Hayley, our Liskeard Instructor, small as she is, she is a little ‘pocket rocket’, and continues to amaze me with her grace and strength on the pole,  her friendliness with her class, her energy and enthusiasm, and her enormous amounts of SUCH patience!  A true credit to yourself, as she has obviously learned from the best.

It has been fantastic to watch closely as the Art of Dance has gone from strength to strength, even in the face of adversity, and you and your team are continually turning the tables on peoples pre-conceived ideas and notions of pole dancing.  I hope one day to be asking you for a job (!) as an instructor, but until that day when I have nearly enough skill, you can guarantee that I will be there every Wednesday, come rain or shine.  Pole dancing with the Art of Dance is one tonic, I am NEVER giving up!

Well done Sam, to you and your team, and Thank You SOOOOOOOOOO much.

Helen Davis

10th July 2008 - "The Art of Dance is one of the most friendly and supportive exercise classes and studios I've ever been to. Everyone - staff and students - are incredibly enthusiastic and always happy to help you with anything you want to achieve - from a basic spin to an advanced trick - and are always eager to share anything new they've learned. The instructors have developed an enviable balance and atmosphere in class, managing to spend time with people individually whilst keeping everyone working up a sweat, challenging themselves and having a fantastic time. In fact, most of the time you forget its even about exercise as the atmosphere is so supportive, encouraging and paced just right, but you always know you've had an amazing workout and I've never seen such good results after even just a few classes! You are given the flexibility to work to whatever level you feel comfortable at, but the teachers will always coax you if they think you can achieve the next level, which is a wonderful achievement when you make it! I couldn't recommend the class more highly. You can take the classes as whatever you want - whether its just for exercise or whether you want to become a World Class dancer. The most intense, demanding, enjoyable and rewarding 'exercise class' I have ever done."

Penny Scaffold

13th June 2008 - "I think its a great idea to put testimonials on your site and to have more master classes I know I would defiantly use them I really enjoyed both the flexibility and sequencing class. I have only recently joined but first impressions were fantastic I was worried about being a beginner and looking a bit silly in the classes but however advanced all the ladies are on the night I don't feel out of place. That is due to yourself and you superb staff such as Jo, Rosanna and Nixi who have all made the classes fun and relaxed. The environment you have created is wonderful no one needs to feel out of place and whoever is taking the class is always there to help and answer questions along with giving encouragement. I really enjoy your classes, the learning and the atmosphere."

Emma Fribbs

20th April 2008 - "It's good fun, excellent fitness: much more interesting than going to the gym. I have metal screws in my back and my chiropractor has told me that pole dancing has helped the muscle tone on either side of my spine."

Julie Hiscocks

13th April 2008 - Click here for Sarah Anderson's report on our pole dancing classes.

26th March 2007 -  "Just wanted to say a massive thank you for a fantastic night last night. The dancers were all amazing, all different, with their unique styles...all so inspiring! And what a way to end it- Jo and you were absolutely phenomenal. The night was brilliant and it was great for our partners to see what we are all hyped about!

With all the classes that I have attempted over the years in various fitness related activities (there have been many!) I've never been involved with such a supportive group before - teachers and students. The support up there for those girls last night was quite overwhelming from all the students , regardless of if we knew them or not, and there is such a strong sense of community unlike I've seen in any dance school before (I was driving so was sober- so I can judge!), right from the buzz in the changing rooms to after each performance."

Penny Scaffold commenting on the 3rd birthday ball featuring a student showcase and an instructor exhibition.

5th February 2007 - "I just wanted to thank you for everything you did to organise the Burlesque lesson we had for the hen party on Saturday. Everyone had such a great time and Chantelle, the bride to be, was so surprised and enjoyed every minute. Sue was fabulous, we all agreed she could do life coaching! It was really inspirational to us to meet such a strong, confident and straight talking woman; she taught us so much about life as well as dancing. We were all a bit shy and inhibited during the clas but I can assure you that there was no stopping us in the evening, we danced for hours....The photos are going to make a wonderful wedding present! Thank you so much for everything and please pass my gratitude to Sue as well, she is a true inspiration!"

Jess Dunn

25th September 2007 - "Having been challenged by Jo to try pole dancing I now have total respect for your sport which requires dedication, strength and grace. I would like to thank you for putting up with me during my short trial period. Hopefully I will have time to visit when I'm down in Plymouth for meetings.... but until then 'Strength and grace' but if this fails remember my bum will always look bigger than yours in shorts."

Forbes Morgan

Click here for a student article written by Sarah Anderson.

4th December 2006 - "Thank you so much for the energetic, enjoyable evening. Some of us are feeling the strain and bruises more than others! You have inspired us all so much that we would like to return for more sessions. Many thanks again"

Felicity Cleaver