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Stripper Style Xmas Special

A 2 hour Stripper Style & Photography class. Strictly over 18's. Dress to impress. Socks essential and knee pads recommended.

All bookings are subject to a strict 24 hour cancellation policy.

We welcome polers and instructors from other studios.

If it is your first lesson at the art of dance you will need to arrive 10 minutes early to complete an informed consent.

If you do not have previous pole experience you need to attend an induction before attending a mixed ability class.

Please read our COVID Guidelines carefully before making your booking.

When you book your class online you will be asked for your e-mail address and phone number. This is so we can operate a track and trace system if any of our students or instructors test positive for Covid19.
Do not book a class or attend the studio if you have a temperature, a dry cough or loss of taste and/or smell.
Do not book a class or attend the studio if you live with someone who is self isolating or showing symptoms.
When leaving for your pole class please try to limit the amount of stuff you bring to the studio. Ideally please bring your own pole cloth.
There will be no changing facilities available so please try to wear your pole kit under your clothing.
Bring your own reusable (not single use plastic) water bottle and fill it before you leave. You will not be allowed access to our kitchen area so will be unable to fill the bottle up at the studio.
Avoid public transport wherever possible. If using public transport please wear a mask throughout your journey.
On arrival at the studio please ensure you are wearing a face mask.
If not wearing a mask please bring your mask exemption card.
On arrival at the studio please wait outside until the instructor tells you it is OK to enter.
When waiting outside please ensure you stay 2 metres away from others.
Please arrive on time, if you are late you will be refused entry and lose your payment. We recommend getting her a few minutes early so you are outside in time for the start of your class.
Please wear a face mask until you have been temperature tested and washed your hands. The instructor will inform you when it is OK to remove your mask.
On arrival the instructor will check your temperature using a hand held thermometer, if you show a high temperature (38 degrees or more) then you will be asked to leave the studio and return home. If sent home with a high temperature you should self isolate and arrange to be tested for Covid 19.
Everyone should wash their hands (Soap and water for at least 20 seconds) on arrival at the studio or use their own sanitiser.
Leave your outdoor shoes/coats at the bottom of the stairs in the reception area but do not block fire escapes/corridors. We will provide bin liners for your items but if you can bring your own bin liner that would be even better so we can reduce the amount of single use plastic we are using.
Please use the disposable blue hand drying cloths and place used sheets in the bin after use.
Enter the studio asap, do not loiter in reception.
Only one person may use the stairs at a time, wait for others to ascend/descend as needed.
Try to avoid using the handrail, work those quads, calf and core muscles instead ;)
Place any items such as car keys, mobile phones in the box provided next to your pole.
Make sure you bring your face mask into the studio in case we need to administer first aid to you.
If you do not have your own pole cloth please take a pole cloth from the clean pile on the windowsill and place it in the washbin after use.
Observe lines on floor – enter studio via the central line so that other students can stand safely back against the wall as you pass.
Clean your pole and mat thoroughly with the cleaners provided.
Apply girlie grip if you have some (you can purchase this from reception)
If you need to use the toilet during class use the central line to exit and ask students/instructor to stand safely back.
At the end of class exit using the central line ensuring you stay 2 metres away from others.
One in one out, no one should be travelling along the line in opposing directions. Wait for others if needed.
At the end of your class please place any used cloths in the white plastic bin provided.
Do not share items such as phones or grip.
We recommend buying a bottle of girlie grip (£9) from reception as this contains alcohol so it will not only help you grip to the pole but will also make it hard for the virus to survive on your hands.
Do not touch your face.
If you need to use the toilet please wait in the reception area until the toilet is free and the corridor is empty.
Do not touch any unnecessary surfaces.
At the end of your class please clean your pole and pole mat with the cleaner provided.
Do not attempt to use someone else's pole, stick to your own piece of equipment.
Do not attempt to spot each other.
Do not shout.
Anyone not observing these guidelines will be asked to leave the studio.
If you test positive for Covid 19 after attending the art of dance studio you must inform us so we can contact the government track and trace team.
Our strict 24 hour cancellation policy remains in place.
Virtual hugs and kisses only please!
Please respect your instructor and follow their session plan and advice carefully.

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Event Date 11-01-2022 6:15 pm
Capacity 5
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Individual Price £20

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